How To Get Your ARDUINO Boards And Parts For FREE

If you have an old smart phone and a wi-fi internet connection you can 100% legally get $60 + every month to spend online for Arduino parts and supplies.

You are not going to be doing surveys or trying out apps. All you have to do is click this link to sign up and then download the app from the site to your phone, when you get logged in on the app click the watch TV button at the bottom of the screen. next turn the volume off, click on a topic and set the phone down and go about your business. I  check the phone every half hour, if the videos stopped playing just click on a different topic and put the phone back down. That’s all there is to it, your getting paid for not really doing any thing.

If you have more than one smart phone you can use  this app to (CLICK HERE), It works the same way as the one above. you can only use each of these on one device at a time but you can have the app on as many as you want.